NTCC has announced the development of the second generation Dream Eco Chain, HYBRID, snow traction device.

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NTCC has announced the development of the second generation Dream Eco Chain, DEC HYBRID, (Net type), snow traction device.


The manufacturing cost for the DEC HYBRID is now approximately one third that of the original DEC  (Metal type). Due to the simplified manufacturing process of the DEC HYBRID, the production time for the DEC has been greatly reduced from 3 months to 5 minutes. This eliminates the need for lengthy lead times for orders and the need to carry a large inventory prior to the start  of the winter season.


The time to install and remove the DEC remains at a speedy 10-20 seconds per wheel. DEC can be quickly removed when road conditions do not require traction devices, therefore, reducing damages to road surfaces, wear and tear on the DEC, and minimizing the risk of injury and accidents on the roadside.


The DEC HYBRID covers the entire range of sizes to fit all passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, cranes, and other commercial vehicles. There are typically more than 80 different tire sizes requiring different models to match each tire size. The DEC HYBRID, with it’s unique adjustment feature, requires only 30 sizes to cover all tire sizes.


In Japan, there are currently 75 million cars and if we succeed in capturing the projected 10% of the snow chain market we can expect increased sales in the coming years.


The materials used to make the DEC Hybrid is polyurethane elastomer and pine standoff.  NTCC has succeeded in creating a more simplified and efficient manufacturing process making DEC more cost effective and more affordable for the consumer.


DEC Hybrid is not limited to use on summer tires but winter tires as well. Any adjustments required can be done in a matter of a few seconds per wheel.


DEC Hybrid is 5 times lighter and more compact than the original DEC model reducing shipping costs for both domestic and export shipments.  The DEC Hybrid folds to a neat space saving size making it easy to carry and to store in your vehicle.  We have tested and demonstrated that the DEC Hybrid installation/removal is simple enough for most women and seniors to use without difficulty.


Although highly unlikely, in the event of a breakage or separation from the tire, the softer material of the DEC will not cause damage to the vehicle and reduces the potential for damage to other vehicles and injury to pedestrians as with other metal types of devices.


DEC Hybrid with its softer less rigid materials provides a smoother and quieter ride for all snow/ ice road conditions and even on dry pavement.


DEC Hybrid has fewer components that may rust and requires little to no maintenance during and in between winter seasons.

If you are interested in license or buy this excellent patents, please contact with Global-C Corporation.