NTCC-Dream Eco Chain

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NTCC Sales Corporation, in Japan, is proud and excited to announce the development of a revolutionary new concept in snow traction devices, the Dream Eco Chain.

. Unlike any other tire chain, the new groundbreaking design is simple, secure, safety and control under all road conditions, with an installation time of less than 30 seconds.
Please view a demonstration of the installation and performance at our website

. Dream Eco Chain utilizes the strongest materials and highest quality for durability that lasts 10 times longer than conventional snow chains.

. The design also features prevention of damage to tires, wheels, as well as damage to road surfaces.

. Without the need to change to snow tires every season, there is a considerable savings in time and expense, whether for passenger vehicles, or commercial vehicles of all types (delivery operations, trucking firms, construction companies, bus companies, taxi companies).

We are pleased to announce that NTCC Sales Corporation is now in the process of selling its patents by country, region, or worldwide.

For further information, please contact us below.

Contact information:
Mark Inaoka
Global-C Corporation
Email: m-inaoka@global-c.biz
Tel: 81-50-7529-2085
Fax: 81-79-451-9290
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