Japan’s Millenial Challenge

This entry was posted by 金曜日, 27 5月, 2011
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A merger or acquistion is just beginning when the transaction is finalized. The challenging part is transforming the new entity in order to achieve business goals. A key part of this transformation process is developing the human capital of the firm. As a long-time resident of Japan doing business here, I have seen one multinational after another fail to do this effectively, if at all, with disastrous results. For this reason, I wrote the book Japan’s Millenial Challenge a few years ago. Though we are now into the second decade of the new millenium, most of the recommendations I make in this eBook are still relevant. To succeed in Japan, foreign companies must create the appropriate global infrastructure, which includes a unified corporate culture, a clearly communicated strategy, change management and human-asset management processes, and unstructured problem-solving systems. Moreover, Japanese employees must be taught global business skills that include self-directed learning, leadership behavior, effective communication, and negotiation know how. They must also transition to a global lifestyle that appropriately balances work and personal life to maintain vitality in the long term. My book Japan’s Millenial Challenge outlines concrete strategies for addressing these issues. As such, it is a must read for any company serious about succeeding in Japan.

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