Winning in Japan –How to use M&A Services Effectively

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Before an M&A advisory analyzes your business, you should analyze it yourself. To maximize the value of working with an M&A advisory firm, you should be clear about the purpose, scope and other conditions related to your company’s intended business expansion. The questions below, which Global-C uses to assess the needs of new and prospective clients, will help you do so.

1. Why are you interested in establishing or expanding operations in Japan through an M&A? What is the overall purpose of the anticipated merger? To acquire existing accounts in Japan from the target firm? Acquire a turnkey operation in Japan? Have you considered other alternatives to am M&A to achieve your goals?

2. How would you describe your company’s business model? How would you describe your core competence?

3. Who are your major global competitors? Major competitors in the Japanese market?

4. Who are your key suppliers?

5. What size target company are you interested in terms of:   A. Annual Revenue;  B. Number of employees;  C. Price to acquire?

6. Do you have a preference regarding location in Japan? As you are probably aware, economic activity in Japan is heavily concentrated in Tokyo. For this reason, some acquirers prefer targets in the Kanto area.

7. Do you intend to send headquarters staff to Japan to manage the company or do you plan to leave local management in place following the merger? In either case, would you need transition-period management services?

8. How do you plan to finance the acquisition?