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ten years ago, when I was working as a consultant for a pharmaceutical company
in Japan,
I arranged a series of meetings for managers from various departments who
normally did not work together to share experiences. As expected, the managers
were polite, but suspicious. They did not initially seem to see the value of
exchanging opinions and ideas with colleagues whose jobs differed from their
own. However, after they had met a few times, the managers almost unanimously
agreed that the meetings were meaningful. Through them, the managers were
better able to understand how their own jobs fit into the overall flow of
business and better understand the challenges and pressures faced by

strongly encourage experience sharing because none of us will ever be able to
experience the many different types of jobs that must be performed in a
multinational business. Even a fast-track employee who is deliberately being
rotated through the organization for development purposes, will only experience
three or four functions at the very most. Below, I share the ten top Life
Lessons I have learned during the decade that I have lived and worked in Japan. Some of
them are not new. Far more famous individuals than I have shared some of the
same lessons. I state them here as a reminder because I believe they are
powerful truths that will serve you well.



1.     Perseverance will take you further than
potential—Never Give up!

2.     Treat others the way you would like to be
treated yourself

3.     Surround yourself with talented people and
learn from them.

4.     Life is like playing the stock market. You
succeed by ignoring the daily ups and downs, focusing your energy on the
long-term trend.

5.     Learn from your failures. They are the best
teachers you will ever have.

6.     Model the behavior. Showing people makes a
greater impact than telling them.

7.     Flexibility is key. Life is not about being
right all the time but about get along.

8.     Relationships are important. Invest time and energy in

9.     Pursue your dreams even in the face of opposition from
those around you.

calculated risks.